COVID-19 related social science research in Hungary

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Albert, FruzsinaDávid, Beáta TK SZI Take care: the social distance could be isolation too
Albert, FruzsinaDávid, Beáta TK SZI No wonder it is not easy to stay at home for the elderly during the epidemic
Bene, MártonFarkas, Xénia TK PTI Crisis management and COVID-19 – crisis communication in the pandemic
Böcskei, Balázs et al. TK PTI The question of the size of government after the pandemic
Csurgó, BernadettTK SZI The (imagination of) safe countryside: Impact of the epidemic on rural representation and related social practices
Feischmidt, Margit et al.Solidarity as a response to COVID-related crisis: Actions and discourses
Ferencz, ZoltánTK SZIWhy is it so difficult to follow the restriction rules?
Huszár, ÁkosBalogh, KarolinaGyőri, ÁgnesTK SZI The role of origin in the individual income situation
Jakabka Ákos et al. KRTK RKI Non-personal education, home office and remote work situation assessment and future visions at UP
Kiss-Dobronyi, Bence – Bakonyi, Zoltán Effect of COVID-19 on remote work
Kovács Sándor Zsolt KRTK RKI Revenue losses of the Hungarian local governments during COVID-19 pandemia
Kovács Sándor ZsoltUzzoli AnnamáriaKRTK RKIRegional Differences of Health Risks in Hungary Regarding COVID–19 Pandemic
Lennert József KRTK RKI A scenario-based analysis of the possible spread of SARS-CoV-2 virus in Hungary – an agent-based modelling experiment
Lőrincz, Viktor & Gárdos-Orosz, Fruzsina TK JTI Epidemiology and legal studies
Messing, VeraSágvári, BenceTK SZIThe epidemic is closed the world for many people – National research about the situation of people over 65 years
Messing, VeraSágvári, Bence TK SZI Mapping the COVID-19 effects with a separate block in the 10th ESS wave
Messing, VeraSágvári, Bence – Hammer, GergelyTK SZIIncome situation and basic income support in Europe and Hungary
Metz, Rudolf – Árpási, BotondTK PTIUniting the nation in the pandemic: Political leadership and crisis management
Mikecz, Dániel et al.TK PTISocial and political participation in the COVID-19 epidemic
Szabó, GabriellaTK PTIRole perceptions among online news journalists in the COVID-19 epidemic
Szalma, Ivett – Rékai, KrisztinaTK SZIHow can we keep in touch with our separate family members during the COVID-19 epidemic?
Tófalvy, Tamás et al. BME Digital technologies, COVID-19 and economic organizations
Tóth, András TK PTI A The Spanish patient – Crisis management and polarization in Spain
Tóth, István GyörgyTÁRKIEconomic and social consequences of the Coronavirus epidemic
Tóth, OlgaTK SZIEveryday life during Corona virus pandemia
Varjú Viktor et al. KRTK RKI Environmental impact of COVID-19 pandemic – emission mitigation of car use

International scholarly community – News and links

Communities, info-centers:

The American Sociological Association: COVID resources for sociologists

Roper Center (Cornell University) COVID-19 Poll Archive

SEAN COVID-19 Survey Archive (US)

FAIRsFAIR’s summary of the efforts of data repositories

The Research Data Alliance Working Group on COVID-19 social science research

SSRC COVID-19 page

OSF Coronaviros outbreak research collection

Eurostat COVID-19 page

UNICEF COVID-19 & children

Call for papers & project proposals:

H2020: – Behavioural, social and economic impacts of the outbreak response

SSRC Rapid Response Grant

International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy


European Parliament COVID-19 Survey

Demography and the Coronavirus Pandemic

Euromod working papers on the welfare effects of the COVID-19 outbreak in Italy and Ireland.

Research projects:

HOPE project (Denmark + 7 European countries)

Understanding America Study’s Understanding Coronavirus in America survey

Wageindicator survey

Understanding society (UK)