Webinar FAIR data in practice: From FAIRy tale to FAIR enough

FAIR: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable

The webinar will start with a short introduction on FAIR data, its status and use within the scientific community. The first part will consist of a presentation of the FAIR data checklist for researchers. This checklist is designed to support researchers with little experience in depositing and sharing their data digitally. The demonstration of the checklist during the webinar will show how the researcher is guided through questions that help assess the degree to which her or his data is deposited in a FAIR way.

The second part will be  a presentation on how trustworthy data repositories enable FAIR data, taking as an example the CoreTrustSeal Requirements. A mapping between CoreTrustSeal Requirements and the FAIR principles will reveal the synergies and complementarity to enable a FAIR data environment  on the level of files, datasets, and repositories.

The webinar takes place on 11 December, at 15:00.

Speakers: Peter Doorn, Ingrid Dillo, Eliane Fankhauser, Mustapha Mokrane.

More information and registration: https://dans.knaw.nl/en/current/news/webinar-fair-data-in-practice-from-fairy-tale-to-fair-enough?set_language=en