TÁRKI is the Hungarian National Social Science Data Archive. It is a member of the CESSDA-ERIC, the European Association of Social Science Data Archives – an official European research infrastructure.  There are more than 800 social science databases in the TÁRKI archive, representing more than 35 years of survey research in Hungary. The Archive is operated by the TÁRKI Foundation – a consortium of six social science institutes –; and closely cooperates with the largest institutional archive (TK-KDK) in Hungary. Check out our latest news here.

What are data archives for?

A data archive is a library for research data, where researchers, students, government agencies, NGOs and laypeople can have direct access to raw data of past research projects. Direct access to raw data provides more opportunities for reuse of research results than publications alone. 

What do we offer?

Potential data-users have free access to the datasets we have archived (some market research projects are exemptions to the rule). They can search for data using our online catalogue or asks for the help of the service operator who has been working at the Archive since 2006 (more on the process here).
TÁRKI has also developed a user-friendly data visualisation tool that provides access to social indicators on vulnerable groups, making possible comparisons across time, space and indicators.
Moreover, data producers get free support in data curation. We provide a secure long-term storage for research data; and commit ourselves to comply with the depositors’ (lawful) requirements.
The Hungarian Data Archive is operated by a nonprofit foundation. Our service is free of charge. The Data Archive is a part of the TÁRKI Group where a small team of devoted professionals contributes to the daily operation of our business.