Tárki selected for FAIRsFAIR Trust&FAIR certification support

FAIRsFAIR is playing a key role in the contribution to policies and practices for broader adoption of FAIR practices, and in the development of standards for FAIR certification of repositories. Through an Open Call run between July and August 2019, Tárki was chosen by FAIRsFAIR to be supported on the path towards achieving the CoreTrustSeal certification.

The submissions were assessed based on the repository’s designated community, its focus on long-term preservation and reuse, and on the feasibility of its being able to CoreTrustSeal certification within the time frame available. A diverse geographical and disciplinary spread among the selected repositories was of importance as well.

About the support received

FAIRsFAIR provides support and capacity building including materials, training, and advice to repository managers and other stakeholders so they can improve their knowledge of the preparation required for CoreTrustSeal self-assessments. At the same time, the repositories share with the FAIRsFAIR project their valuable experiences on how repository practices enable the curation of FAIR data. The FAIRsFAIR actively engages with Tárki and the other selected repositories . Together we collaborate on the journey to Trust and FAIR.

We attended a first dedicated workshop in The Hague in February 2020 and you can read more about that here.