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TÁRKI conducts a survey on COVID-19 related social science research in Hungary

The questionnaire to be filled by researchers can be found here

FAIRsFAIR supports TÁRKI to achieve CoreTrustSeal

FAIRsFAIR supports TÁRKI to achieve CoreTrustSeal  TÁRKI has been selected by the FAIRsFAIR project to get support on achieving CoreTrustSeal certification. FAIRsFAIR is playing a key role in the contribution to policies and practices for broader adoption of FAIR practices and in the development of standards for FAIR certification of repositories. Through two Open Calls run between... Read more »

TÁRKI-KDK partnership

TÁRKI Data Archive and the Research Dokumentation Centre of the Centre for Social Sciences (Budapest) set up a contract of agreement to foster cooperation between the parties. We intend to increase the efficiency of data search and data deposit by common infrastructure development and division of labor. Moreover we intend to join our forces to... Read more »

Ten new datasets on framing effects

A cluster of new datasets related to a closing research project has been deposited in TÁRKI. In the project – General moral principles, framing and survey design (PI: B. Janky, research grant NKFIH K 120070 – dozens of survey experiments were carried out in 10 online population samples between 2015 and 2018 to investigate the... Read more »