Data deposition

We encourage the research community to preserve and disseminate its data throughout our archive. Data depositors should provide the necessary information for archiving. This information is requested on a data deposition sheet. Our colleagues provide assistance to data depositors with filling in the form. The depositors determine the data access category – that is, the dissemination rules we apply to their data collections.

Data archiving:

During archiving we create a metadata sheet based on DDI standards for each data collection. Datasheets are stored in an SQL database, which serves our catalogue and the National Digital Archive’s catalogue.
TÁRKI has developed the National Digital Archive metadata scheme that is based on DDI and Dublin Core.

Data distributon, dissemination practice:

We distribute our collections, according to the dissemination policy determined by depositors, to anyone who is interested in social research. The main conduit for dissemination is the worldwide web. If you would like to check the printed documentation, or want to use our library service, please contact us to make an appointment with data archive staff.

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